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Cardlimbo is Australia’s first online marketplace to Buy discounted gift card vouchers, Sell gift card vouchers for cash and Donate gift card vouchers. 

Australia’s gift card voucher market is estimated at close to $1 billion, having experienced approximately 20% annual growth in the last couple of years. And according to the National Retailers Association Christmas survey ‘09, gift card vouchers were expected to be the most popular gift during Christmas 2009. In fact, 20% of people were estimated to give gift card vouchers in 2009, increasing from 13% in 2007.

Until now, Australian’s have had little choice when they received their gift card voucher.

They could either redeem them at the applicable store or let them expire. Right now, an estimated 15%-30% of all gift card vouchers purchased go unredeemed. Australian consumers are missing out on hundreds of millions of dollars in purchases each year! buy discounted gift card vouchers, so that we are aware on what to do and what need to be dne for the group.

Until now consumers have had no option to:

  • convert their gift card vouchers into cash
  • swap unwanted gift card vouchers for another store’s card
  • purchase significantly discounted gift card vouchers from retailers or online
  • donate their gift card voucher value to charity

Cardlimbo is about giving consumers more CHOICE and saving them money.

Similarly consumers haven’t been able to purchase significantly discounted gift card vouchers from retailers or online.

Cardlimbo.com.au - buy, sell or donate gift card vouchers:

  1. consumers convert unwanted gift card vouchers into cash
  2. value seekers buy gift card vouchers at a discount
  3. consumers swap unwanted gift card vouchers for store’s they’d prefer
  4. consumers donate the value of unwanted gift card vouchers to charity

Cardlimbo.com.au guarantees:

  • Value and validity date are verified for every gift card voucher
  • All transactions are guaranteed and secure
  • It will always offer a free shipment solution

Company Background:

  • Cardlimbo.com.au is the first online marketplace of its kind in Australia
  • Business model successfully implemented in the US, with at least half a dozen service providers
  • A Melbourne based company

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