Step 1
Select a Charity.

Plan Australia - Transform the lives of children living in poverty in developing countries

Barnardos - Caring for Australian children suffering the effects of poverty, abuse and neglect

Planet Ark - Funds raised will go towards funding Planet Arks education campaigns

How does the Donation facility work and how much money goes to the charity?

Gift Card Vouchers Under $30
Step 2
Enter card details.

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Card Balance ($) *:

If you don't know how much is on your card, take a guess. We will verify the balance when you send it in.

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Card does not Expire
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If your card doesn't have a PIN, leave this blank.

Step 3
Mail card to us.

Please mail your card to:

PO Box 7071, Hawthorn
Victoria, Australia, 3122

We recommend the use of registered mail.

Common Questions

Can I donate my gift card to a different charity?
A: You may only donate your gift card voucher via Cardlimbo.com.au to the charities listed.

What is the minimum gift card value I can donate?
A: Cardlimbo will accept donations for gift card vouchers of any value. Gift cards with a value of $30 and over will be listed on our website for sale. The proceeds of the sale less an administrative fee of $6 will be transferred to the selected charity. Gift cards with a value of less than $30 will be mailed directly to Barnardos who will use them in projects with children.

What is the minimum remaining validity for a gift card voucher I can donate?

The minimum remaining validity period ranges from 3 months to 6 months depending on the type of retailer.

Why does Cardlimbo charge a small administrative fee to process donations?
A: The purpose of the administrative fee that Cardlimbo retains from the sale proceeds of a gift card voucher is to cover the variable costs associated with the provision of this service, including handling, verification & shipping and a portion of our fixed costs including website support and hosting, etc.

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