Privacy Policy

Effective Date: 28/02/2010
Last updated: 28/02/2010

Cardlimbo Pty Ltd ACN 139869622 is bound by the National Privacy Principles contained in the Privacy Act 1988. Cardlimbo Pty Ltd is committed to ensuring the privacy of any personal information provided to the company by Registered Users. Cardlimbo Pty Ltd understands that respect for its Registered Users’ privacy is an important factor in holding their trust and developing an ongoing relationship with them. The following statement sets out Cardlimbo Pty Ltd’s general policy for the protection of its Registered Users’ privacy.

Collection of information
Cardlimbo Pty Ltd collects personal information during the registration process. The types of information which is collected about its Registered Users may include:

  • names;
  • addresses;
  • telephone and mobile numbers;
  • email addresses;
  • Credit Card information, Paypal account information, gift card details (value, number, PIN number, expiry date)

Source of information and purpose of collection
Personal information is collected from Registered Users and those authorised by Registered Users to provide their personal information, such as spouses and parents. Cardlimbo Pty Ltd collects this information to enable Registered User to sell, buy, trade or swap giftcards using the Cardlimbo website. Cardlimbo Pty Ltd also collects personal information to comply with the Corporations Act 2001.

Disclosure of information
Cardlimbo Pty Ltd does not sell, rent or release information gathered on our website to any individuals, companies or groups without your prior consent. Any information we gather is used for Cardlimbo Pty Ltd's own purposes as stated above.

All private information will remain confidential even if your account becomes inactive, if you decide to terminate your account or cease to do business with us.

Identifying information
Cardlimbo Pty Ltd uses session cookies to improve the usability of the site. These cookies are anonymous and are stored on your computer’s hard drive and are used by Cardlimbo Pty Ltd to help track your clicks and pass information as you go through the pages within the Cardlimbo site. These cookies are in no way linked to personally identifiable information.Cardlimbo Pty Ltd does not use identifiers assigned by Commonwealth agencies (such as Tax File Numbers) to identify personal and sensitive information that is collected.

Storage of information
Personal information provided by Registered Users may be stored in both a hard copy format and a soft copy format. Hard copy files are kept in a locked cabinet at Cardlimbo Pty Ltd's business premises. These hard copy files can only be accessed by authorised staff.

Soft copy files are kept on Cardlimbo Pty Ltd’s IT system. This IT system is protected by passwords and likewise is only accessible by authorised staff. Cardlimbo Pty Ltd has a policy of destroying information that it has collected and no longer uses after a period of seven years.

Access and correction
A Registered User can access and change all personal information that Cardlimbo Pty Ltd collects and holds through “My account” on the Cardlimbo website.

If a Registered User thinks that their privacy has been interfered with or that Cardlimbo Pty Ltd is breaching its obligations in relation to Registered Users’ privacy, Registered Users can discuss their concerns with the Cardlimbo’s management team (see contact details below).

Changes to this privacy policy
Cardlimbo Pty Ltd reserves the right to change, modify or amend this policy at any time. However, we will provide appropriate online notice to you. And any material changes will be posted on the site.

Cardlimbo Pty Ltd does not buy, sell or accept donated gift cards from children. We only sell, buy or accept donated giftcards from people 16 years and over. Children under 16 may sell, buy or donate giftcards only with the consent of a parent or guardian.

Reporting of Suspicious Activity
Cardlimbo Pty Ltd reserves the right to disclose specific information about you based on our good faith belief or as required by law and when we believe disclosure is necessary to protect our rights, the users of our website, or the public and/or to comply with legal process or court orders.

We will report to the proper government authorities, attorneys, gateway provider, merchant banks or others of any suspicious activity or suspected fraud. Your personal information might be share by these parties or individuals in compliance with the law.

Contacting Cardlimbo Pty Ltd
If Users have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy or would like more information about the way Cardlimbo Pty Ltd manages their personal and sensitive information, please send us an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


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