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Access Australia’s new and innovative discounted distribution channel for your gift card vouchers!

Cardlimbo.com.au is Australia’s first online marketplace to buy discounted gift card vouchers, sell gift card vouchers for cash and donate gift card vouchers to charity. A swap facility will be introduced shortly. 

We can provide your organization access to a large and dedicated retail customer base in the secondary gift card voucher market.
Australia’s gift card voucher market:
  • The size of the gift card market in Australia is estimated at close to $1b, with approximately 20% annual growth in the last few years
  • According to the National Retailers Association Christmas survey 2009, gift card vouchers were expected to be the most popular gift during the 2009 Christmas period with 1 in 5 people expected to give gift card vouchers this year, up from 13% in 2007
  • 15% - 30% of all gift card vouchers purchased go unredeemed.
Benefits to your organisation:
  • Maximize redemption and reduce your liabilities
  • Exposure on our website
  • Publicity through Australia’s leading media channels
  • Utilise a new and lucrative discount distribution channel without needing to mark down prices in store
  • Up-sell upon redemption for previously unutilized and unwanted gift cards
  • Opportunity to buy back your own gift cards at discounted prices
Cardlimbo.com.au - buy, sell, swap or donate gift card vouchers:
  1. consumers to convert unwanted gift card vouchers into cash
  2. value seekers to buy gift card vouchers at a discount
  3. consumers to swap unwanted gift card vouchers for store’s they’d prefer (coming shortly)
  4. consumers to donate the value of unwanted gift card vouchers to charity
Cardlimbo.com.au provides a user friendly and secure environment to trade gift card vouchers. All gift card vouchers bought and sold have their balance and expiry date verified.
Items for discussion:
  • Opportunity to feature as retailer of choice on Cardlimbo.com.au
  • Options for distribution – commission based or upfront purchase
  • Validation of your gift card vouchers to reduce risk (e.g. API)
Company Background:
  • Cardlimbo.com.au is the first online marketplace of its kind in Australia.
  • Business model successfully implemented in the US
  • A Melbourne based company
For expressions of interest please contact Fergus:
email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
phone: +61 3 9939 9939

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